What is bail?

When a person accused of a crime uses money or property when to secure their release from jail, this is known as “Bail”.  However if the accused fails to appear in court after posting bail, the bail can be forfeited and seized by the court.

I have enough cash on hand to pay for my loved one’s bail, why should I get a bail bond?

Depending on the crime committed, one of the major reasons to get a bail bond is the bail money has to be proven to come from a legitimate source.

Secondarily, when you post bail with your own money, you are tying up finances you may need to defend yourself in court

If you choose to pay for your bail yourself you unnecessarily tie up funds that could be used for other purposes, so getting a bail bond allows you the most access to your finances. Also, depending on the charge the jailed person is accused of, you will have to prove that the money came from legitimate sources.

What is a bail bond?

A bail bond is a contract that allows a person to get released from custody by paying only a small amount of the bail cost, usually 10% of the bail cost.  This contract is entered into with a bail bonds company, such as Watkins Bail Bonds.  The bail bonds company then posts the rest of the bail amount to have the individual released.

Are there penalties if I “skip” bail?

Yes there is a penalty if you skip bail.

If you paid the bail yourself, you will forfeit the amount of money you posted for bail as well as any property you may have used to post bail.

If a bail bonds company posts the bail money for you, the bail bonds company is the one who loses the money.

At that point, the bail company would hire a bounty hunter to locate the individual and bring them to court.

What is a Bail Recovery Agent?

Bail recovery agents are better known as “bounty hunters”.  A bounty hunter’s job is to track down the defendant who “skipped bail” and forcibly bring them to court by taking them into custody.

Can I recover the 10% fee I pay to my bail bondsman?

No the 10% fee is the amount a bail bonds company charges to use their services and the risks they take.  Once you pay that fee, that is what you are paying to be released and use their services to put up the rest of the bail amount.

Is there a difference between bail bondsmen?

Absolutely. It makes a tremendous difference when choosing a bail bond company. There are many people offering bail and get out of jail services. However, only experienced ones understand the true complexities of the legal system. Those are the companies are the ones that are able to navigate the waters the fastest and get your loved one out as soon as possible..

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